Study In France

Study In France

France Student Visa 


With its intriguing history, architecture, culture, food, tradition, music, and most important, its top-notch quality of higher education, France, certainly has reasons that make it perch on so high a pedestal for the best study abroad destination.


French institutions rank notably high, and with its long-standing policy of equal treatment to domestic and international students, France makes itself the fourth most popular destination for studying abroad.

Further, let us tell you the top reasons which make France shine out as a most desirable destination for International students:

• The cost of studying in France is comparatively more pocket-friendly to the students in comparison with the US and the UK. The universities and colleges offer pleasingly low tuition fees and the Public Universities offer a number of attractive scholarships. Most scholarships and grants are awarded on the basis of the financial needs of the students. The amount varies between 1,606 to 4,600 EUR per year, while those eligible for a merit-based grant, and receive an amount ranging from 1,800 to 6,102 EUR.

• With the Government investing heavily in higher education, France has gained an exceptional academic reputation by offering quality education at an affordable rate. As a result, France is a home to top business and engineering and arts colleges and universities in the world.

• With the qualitative education, comes the benefit of easier access to jobs/employment opportunities. Students with French degrees have an upper edge in getting jobs with handsome pay packages.

With just the right mix of everything, we bet, France offers an unmatched joie de vivre for any student in the world.