Study In Europe

Study In Europe

Europe Student Visa 

Europe – A Land full of Opportunities

There is no surprise that Europe is one of the most popular study destinations in the world. Plenty of international students choose to study in Europe. Are you fascinated to study here as well? Read further to know why Europe is a lucrative study destination and how you can apply for your study visa.

After completing your academic course from Europe, you will not only be rewarded with your educational qualification but you will also be full of lifetime experiences and memories.

As per data released in 2012, 1.4 million international students moved to Europe for further studies and this number of increasing every year. The main reason being the world-class education, the best infrastructure, and modern technology.

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Why Choose Europe as your Study Destination?

1. The Quality of Education

2. Continent of Innovation

3. Diversity

4. Career Options

5. Scholarships and Costs

Education System & its Process

Intake of Students

January-February and September – October are the months when most of the universities are open for admission in Europe.

Higher education in Europe is divided into the following three categories:

1. The bachelor’s degree also known as the License Professionals.

2. Master’s Degree

3. Doctorate

The bachelor’s degree is a 3-year study course divided into six semesters. The Master’s is a two-year course and it will take you three years to complete your Doctorate.

The degrees are awarded in the form of European credits, which is known as ECTS.